At RHB Laboratories, we give you the tools you need to monitor and cure any type of substance abuse. RHB Laboratories's medication monitoring and other clinical laboratory services provide more than just test results to health care professionals. We deliver the comprehensive scientific data backed by service and clinical consultation to help interpret results for more informed clinical decisions.

RHB Laboratories provides health care professionals with choices to design their medication monitoring program to best suit the unique needs of their patients and their practice. We make it easy for you to test your patient population, receive results and handle any questions or concerns you may have. Our professional staff has years of experience and promises to exceed your expectations.



  • Easy way to monitor compliance and controlling drug abuse while you focus on quality care.
  • Repetitive accuracy and precision with urine and oral fluid drug testing on over 50 drug of abuse. A team of highly qualified personnel has validated our methodology to produce accurate results. Our protocol for extensive data review ensures repetitive precision and dependable data that you can count on.
  • The state of the art (UP-LC/MS) technology used for monitoring drug compounds tested to the lowest detection levels.
  • Validity markers
  • Customize your testing panel based on your needs.
  • Two-page summary reports to track and compare patient compliance and/or patterns of drug misuse/abuse in your office.​​
  • Customized reports provided to you within 24-48 hours after receiving sample, Easily accessible via HIPPA compliant Web Portal, Email and Fax.
  • One of the fastest turn-around-times in the industry.
  • RHB Laboratories's staff strives to lower the risk of prescription drug abuse in your practice, We gives physicians an opportunity to speak to or have a scheduled in service by our highly trained customer service and science team to mitigate all your concerns and ask any first hand questions that you may have regarding your practice management, and guide your practice in the direction most beneficial to you.



Specimen cups, test requisition forms and shipping supplies are available to customers through RHB Laboratories.

* CLIA license required for in-office urine drug test devices.


More than 24 million U.S. citizens are addicted to alcohol and or drugs. That's approximately one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12. To treat addiction and comorbidity, It all comes down to the importance of drug monitoring for patients on potentially harmful narcotics. In addition, the use of our services will discourage the usage of illicit drugs, and make the lives and practices of our physicians more efficient and effective in the process.