RHB Laboratories is a state of the art clinical laboratory that incorporates the latest technology and methods to provide comprehensive toxicology testing. Our testing facility uses advanced Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography in tandem with Triple-Quadruple Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). Ultra performance liquid chromatography-triple quadruple mass spectrometry (QqQ-MS) enable the quantitation of metabolites of interest using isotopically labeled internal standards. Mass spectrometry is a molecularly specific technique which measures the mass-to-charge ratio of ionized compounds. Triple quadruple mass spectrometry yields high specificity towards target compounds by monitoring transition ions following precursor dissociation in the collision cells (second quadruple). Each Compound has a calibration curve generated from ​​​​​​​a certified set of standard samples across known concentration levels. Our methods have been validated from reproducible precision and accuracy; further rigorous data review ensures review data integrity.
mass spectometer"With an increasingly busy practice, stringent government regulations that continuously evolve, and a need for opioid monitoring like never before, We understand the difficulty of tracking medications and monitoring their usage. Toxicology testing and drug monitoring are each a massive undertaking for any physician. That is why RHB Laboratories is here to educate and assist physicians, in a way that is easy, supportive, educational, and above all, that results in better care for their patients. When it comes to comprehensive urine drug testing, RHB Laboratories exceeds the industry standard. We take pride in our ability to generate precise and accurate results in a timely manner."



Every aspect of what we do at RHB Laboratories is the result of the ​​experts behind our business. From the highest quality methods in toxicology testing and drug monitoring, to the thorough understanding of government requirements, RHB Laboratories stands above the competition because we have the expertise to excel in our field.



Our staff has a keen understanding of what it means to practice medicine in our state, or any other state for that matter. It is crucial for any physician and his/her practice to remain compliant under government and DEA regulations, and it is our job to guide and educate you through that process. Our staff is here for you every step of the way.​